At the end of the day, none of what we are doing is rocket science – we drive sales  – we make brands win at retail….  How we do it and why you should choose us is not only because we are very good and well connected, it is the fact that we become a part of the companies we represent.

What differentiates OnRetail?

  • We see ourselves as employees of the companies we work with.
    • We behave as you would expect a top employee to behave… not just say yes – we will push internally and externally for results.
    • We insist on knowing (if not being a part of developing) company strategy.
    • We care about total company performance, supply chain concerns and total sales trends.
  • We are analytically focused – we don’t just look at the top line numbers, we look for exceptions and store clusters.  Not every item belongs in every store – there is not a “one size fits all” approach to items and retail.
  • We are supply chain oriented (forecast accountability) – Looking at U/S/W alone won’t help drive forecast trends 26 weeks out.  Key is using all tools available:  other retailers, syndicated data, category trends, category forecast, retailer goals, brand goals, seasonality indexes and promotional strategy / trade spend… how is the retailer or brand pushing the season, item, category, etc.?
  • We are process oriented – we look for anomalies and chase them but we also follow processes to identify trends and find those anomalies.
  • We are strategic and opportunistic – we follow process and strategy but we are not afraid to jump on a smart opportunity to drive more sales.
  • We are extremely connected and have a deep resources of partners.  Whether it be marketing, packaging or logistics, we know who and how to get nearly anything accomplished.
  • We are a full omnichannel resource.  We can do all the basic blocking and tackling and we are connected to the best teams for 3rd party, non-broker, activity of driving SEM on the web.
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